EValSz Version History
Version Date Description
3.2 4-08-19 Corrected valve identification and piping selection errors in Drop/Flow calculation forms. This is a catch up from 3.0 changes.
3.1 3-28-19 Improved validation in the Single Valve Pressure Drop page RE saturated Steam. To improve future bug identification, un-trapped errors now spawn the standard error page.
3.0 2-26-19 Improved validation RE materials. Worthy of a new version, introduced a better page save state scheme which will end timeout issues (RE version 1.7).
2.7 12-14-17 Corrected rating table to stop at B16.34 temperature limit (e.g., for F347).
2.6 08-18-17 Updated to B16.34, 2017 Ed. Added Size 10 to 16 class 2500 forged flite-flow valves.
2.5 01-20-17 Valve Options Page bug fixes RE F316, F316L, false positive valve list when no pressure class is applicable.
2.4 08-12-16 Disabled viewing of valve drawings until such time as they are updated to the current state. Removed Size 3 and 4 Flite-Flow valves with intermediate Pressure Classes equaling 400, 700, 1100, 1800, and 2900.
2.3 06-15-16 Fixed required pressure class and valve list inconsistencies in ValveOptions page.
2.2 03-08-16 Improved robustness and corrected valve labels in Two Stop Valves in Series page. Fixed inlet/outlet pipe I.D. verification for venturi valves. Fixed figure link submit problem on ValveSelection page.
2.1 08-21-15 Added size 2 and 2.5 SWE Continuous Blowdown valves for orifices #2 through #10. Fixed issues with the display of flow coefficient curves.
2.0 04-15-15 Improved database access stability. EValSz is now compatible with all major browsers.
1.8 03-05-15 Addressed compatibility automatically for IE 10 and above.
1.7 12-08-14 Added automatic page refresh every 15 minutes to avoid session timeouts.
1.6 5-28-14 Improved data validation messages. Changed pressure-temperature rating rounding to be consistent with the catalog.
1.5 3-20-14 Updated to ANSY B16.34, 2013 Edition, but no data changes are required. Fixed I.D. drop-down bugs RE validation and size change.
1.4 3-28-13 In ValveOptions.aspx, added 'Rating Tables' Option, valves are now sorted by figure, now non-default materials are processed only upon selection change, and corrected calculation of metric-derived pressure class for T < 100OC. Enabled venturi option for gate valves in pressure drop calculations. Corrected 'SER Class' to 'Series' in calculation forms.
1.3 4-20-12 Ratings for the Limited Pressure Class are now derived directly from special class tables (with 'y' interpolated conventionally), rather than from Flowserve-derived tables. Added validation of flow data availability. Corrected metric special class pressure rating table for 347 & 347H. Corrected units issues in ValveFlowOptions.aspx.
1.2 12-10-11 In ValveDropOptions.aspx, ValveDropOptions2.aspx, and ValveFlowOptions.aspx, corrected connecting piping options behavior regarding NPS selection. Corrected Cv calculation error when ValveFlowOptions.aspx was the session's first accessed form.
1.1 9-6-11 In ValveDropOptions.aspx, added missing Cv and Fp for 100% open and added turndown ratio for disk skirted valves. Corrected data persistence from ValveOptions.aspx to other forms. Added catalog page links in calculation pages.
1.0 8-3-11 Released the initial issue to replace and enhance previous versions, which were available per CD or download from Flowserve.com